Say Goodbyeto Dry Eye

All Natural At-home Dry Eye Treatment

Works great to remove eye makeup!

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One-Time Use Soft Tips




Revitalizing Eyelid Treatment


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It's so easy you can do it withyour eyes closed!

All Natural at-home self care dry eye treatment

How does NuLidsTM

NuLids™ is a new at-home eyelid cleaning brush that works by gently stimulating and rejuvenating the Meibomian glands and is an effective alternative treatment for dry eye disease.

The self-regulating design halts the movement of the NuLids™ soft tip if too much pressure is applied to the eye. Treatment takes just 1 minute

  • Safe

    More than one million NuLids treatments performed to date with no serious adverse events.

  • Comfortable

    Our dry eye and blepharitis device cleans and massages eyelid margins and frees "capped" meibomian glands.

  • Quick

    1 Minute per day, 30 seconds per eyelid and you are done.

  • Screen Time Relief

    The perfect solution to the rapidly expanding dry eye problem associated with excessive screen time.

  • Removing Make Up

    Effectively removes eyeliner remnants on the eyelids which can otherwise build up and cause or magnify meibomian gland blockage.

  • Restore Youth

    See better, look better & feel better with the help of our eyelid cleaning brush.

Soft Tips

Convenient replacement tips heads to keep healthier-looking eyes.


A sleek, smart design cleansing system. Easy to use - you can do it with your eyes closed!


A push button to turn on and off. Treatment takes just 1 minute.


Rechargeable battery-operated for lightweight, portable power. A charger and charger cord is included with the dry eye and blepharitis device.

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