You have a skin care, hair care and workout routine, but are you taking care of your eyes?

NuLids helps to remove eye make-up you likely didn't even realize was there!

Level up your eye care routine today with NuLids.

Level up your eye care routine today with NuLids.

Prevent meibomian gland dysfunction by ensuring you're thoroughly removing all eye make-up daily!

When your glands are obstructed by residual make-up, then your meibomian glands cannot produce the oil that’s needed to keep your eyes well lubricated!

Start preventative care today!

You don't want to join the 40 million Americans that suffer from dry eye disease, when it's entirely preventable. Keep your eyes happy & healthy with NuLids.

Only takes 1 minute!

The NuLids Treatment only takes one minute. Attach a clean Soft Tip, apply the Revitalizing Eyelid Gel and gently move the device across your lash line for 15 seconds, the device will pause and then you move it to the other eye until you’ve completed two rounds on each eye. You'll be amazed at how much make-up comes off!

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Don't just take our word for it... we've been featured in the news nationwide!

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  • NuLids™ Tips

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