NuLids 30

NuLids™ Device

30 NuLids™ Tips

1 Revitalizing Gels Packs


In response to his growing frustration with the fact that his Dry Eye patients' symptoms were not improving despite his in-office and conventional at-home treatments, Dr. John Olkowski, a well-known corneal specialist, developed the NuLids System.

There are 40 million people who suffer from dry eye in the United States, and the number is increasing, both clinically and anecdotally. It was backed by a prestigious list of doctors and universities when NuLids made its way into the consumer market as a safe, effective, low-cost, and time-efficient solution. NuLids has demonstrated significant improvements over other dry eye treatments when used as a first-line treatment in the absence of other concerns such as excessive screen time, environmental aggressors, or preventative treatment.

NuLidsTM 30

Everything you need for FAST and Soothing Dry Eye Relief

  • Soothing. Gentle Self-care
  • Revolutionary All-Natural Therapy
  • One Minute a Day At Home
  • Patented Technology
  • Long Term Relief

All-natural, one-minute per-day at home soothing massage and cleaning treatment for Dry Eye, Eyelids and Eyelashes NuSight Medical Starter Unit

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NuLids Kit Includes

Nulids™ Device
30 Nulids™ Tips
2 Revitalizing Gel Packs

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